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Every resident should live no more than 15-minutes from public transit, fresh groceries, healthcare, recreation centers, libraries and other essential services. A Bibb Administration will get back to the basics by focusing on making sure every neighborhood has access to the basics in 15 minutes and fight for immediate action on the lead paint crisis, decayed housing stock and recycling to clean up our neighborhoods.

Back to the PLAN

• Plan a 15-minute city. All residents should be able to access high quality childcare, clinics, recreation areas, senior centers, libraries, schools, transportation,a grocery store, park, and other community assets  within 15 minutes. These are basic city services and amenities that improve quality of life. 

• Accelerate lead testing and remediation. We must move faster on testing and remove lead paint and pipes that poison our children.

• Prioritize basic infrastructure upgrades for public safety. We need to identify, track and repair potholes and cracked sidewalks to reduce walking hazards, particularly for our seniors.

• Add protected bike lanes in high-traffic areas to protect cyclists from dangerous and potentially fatal collisions so we don’t leave our riders' safety to chance.

• Remove the jersey barriers at Public Square 

• Restart recycling program to ensure recycling is an option for all Clevelanders. We need a more cost-effective vendor and a public education campaign to prevent costly contamination in the waste management process. 

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