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poor housing


In 2020, Cleveland overtook Detroit as the poorest big city in the country with 30.8% of residents living below the poverty line. A Bibb Administration will develop a hyperlocal economic development strategy that recognizes the unique needs of each neighborhood and make investments to increase affordable housing options across the city by revisiting outdated incentives, encouraging homeownership and supporting our homeless population with services and pathways to secure housing.  

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• Re-examine tax abatement policy and provide tax relief for long-time owner occupants to stop residents from being priced out and pushed out

• Increase access to homeownership by working with banking partners to offer equitable, accessible lending products, including lease-to-purchase programs and mortgages under $100,000


• Evict predatory property managers, I will make it a priority to stop the decay of our housing stock before it is too late. I will throw out the predatory companies who exploit and destroy our neighborhoods and incentivize our neighbors to rehab, improve and otherwise invest in their homes.


• Invest in permanent supportive housing for people at risk of homelessness. It’s a proven model which shows that built-in wraparound services provides individuals with the care they need and prevents hospitalization and corrections costs. 

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