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Run for Something endorses Justin Bibb for Mayor of Cleveland

PRESS RELEASE - Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - Cleveland, OH

Justin Bibb Receives National Endorsement in Run for Mayor’s Office. Run for Something, a national nonprofit focused on supporting progressive candidates today officially endorsed Justin Bibb for Mayor of Cleveland. It’s the first endorsement for Justin Bibb’s campaign as he joins 42 endorsed candidates running for local offices across the country.

“I am humbled to receive this endorsement from Run for Something. It speaks to the promise of what a new generation of leadership can look like, puts our mayoral race on the map nationally and highlights just how important this election is for Cleveland’s future,” said Bibb.

“This endorsement recognizes what we are building here — a new coalition of voters that will help fuel our grassroots movement for a safer, healthier and more resilient city,” he added.

“I believe all politics is local, and in the era of campaigning during COVID, meeting people where they are has never been more important. I’m grateful to have the support of Run for Something. Their team is experienced in equipping candidates with best practices and creative ways to engage with our communities,” said Bibb.

Our newest class of endorsements bring a unique and valuable perspective to their respective communities, each committed to effecting long-overdue, necessary and progressive change within their community” said RFS co-founder Amanda Litman. Run for Something endorses young, diverse, Democratic candidates in down-ballot races across the country. Since 2017, Run for Something has elected close to 500 candidates across the country. The organization provides candidates with the tools they need to run successful campaigns and empower and mobilize voters.

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